Sai Brindavana Kshetram Sarva Dosha Nivarana Punya Kshetram(A shrine which removes all obstacles and miseries of life)
About Saibrindavan:
Sai Brindavan is a Holy Place where Sai made his appearance.

The place is dotted with gardens with pleasing and healthy environment, which ensures protection from pollution and is filled with Baba's bliss. Noble services such as daily distribution of food & non- stop round the clock Sai Nama Sankeerthanam are going on for a period of 11 years ever since Aug. 8, 2000. By the benevolent grace of Sri Saibaba, Vishwa Santi Sai Seva & Prachar Samaj Charitable Trust is successfully involved in the divine activities that are very dear to Baba such as Namam, Dhupam, and Danam in the guidance of Sadguru Sri Ghanta Narayana Swamiji.

Saibrindavan 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Inviation (Telugu)

Invitaton (English)

From Sep. 2 - 4, 2010.

VSSS Trust Cordially Invites all to join the Construction Activity (Sankusthapana) of Shirdi Sai Temple (Garbha Gudi) by Sri Rosayya, chief Minster of Andrha pradesh on September 4th 2010.

He who is born is destined to die. In between the cradle and the grave, all mankind pass, through Financial, Social, Mental and Physical ills and turmoils. Is there a solution to these ills? YES! When justice dies and injustice prevails, God comes into the world to safeguard justice at these critical times. Such an incaranation of God is Sadguru Sri Shirdi Sainath in this Kaliyuga. Sai Temples adorn every village and every town across the Country.

Saibrindavan Pilgrimage
Deshmukhi Village - 508-284,
Pochampally Mandal,
Nalgonda District,
Andra Pradesh,

Significance of Saibrindavan:
Free Entrance. Free Food. Free Shelter. Free Puja
You can visualize Sri Sai Nath dancing with joy amidst of the namam “Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai” being chanted day and night.

Sacred Trees : Of particular signficance is the existence of three sacred trees which are  Country Fig Tree (Medi),Peepul (Raavi) and Neem (Vepa) at one place. More

Importance of Dhuni Puja : The devotees who perform Dhuni Puja are experiencing very good results on all fronts. More

Hyderabad Office:

Vishwa Shanthi Sai Seva & Prachar Samaj Charitable Trust

H.No. 3-9-146, Plot No. 2, ,
Road No 5
Central Bank Colony,
ZSI Post
Hyderabad – 500 068

Phone : 040-24021414, 9848479300 (m)

Construction of 108 ft Statue: The major historical activity of the trust, that is going to launch in the near future, is the 108 ft Sri Sai Baba Statue in Yoga Mudra Posture made of Bronze metal on a 200 ft hill. Also the construction of a sacred Marble Temple of Sainath, and a Tower of Sai Jyothi (alighted burning forever) will take place on the other two hills.

Saibrindavan is going to become world famous in the near future. It is not only a spiritual place but also a great environmental friendly Tourist place.

Baba made an appearance and foretold that Saibrindavan will become a great holy pilgrimage.

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